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Conveniently located in the Aviation Mall (by the food court- where Payless Shoes used to be, next to "Sears"!) Queensbury, NY!

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COVID 2020 is NO match for us!
With over 8,000 SF of 3 studios, extremely dillegent cleaning schedule, wellness checks of everyone entering the facility, and HEPA air filters in every studio- we are able to provide the safest possible enviroment!
Uncomfortable with in person learning during these unprecedented times? Join us VIRTUALLY! Sign up online for any class labeled "VIRTUAL" and join a live class from home on ZOOM!

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With years of experience in the dance world, we have experienced all ends of it- dancers, teachers, and parents. We are presenting to you the result of years of listening! We are here to bring a CHANGE in what is offered when it comes to dance training. We are aiming to provide a dance experience similar to what you find in New York City or LA, a “Master Class” or “Workshop” styled studio. Our studio does not have your standard levels 1, 2, and 3 of each dance genre, dress code, enforced attendance, etc... but rather we offer creatively thought-out classes where dancers of ALL ages can find something at our studio! While having less traditional styled classes and without obsessing over enforcing things like attendance and dress codes, we are allowing our students to take their dance training into their own hands and giving them autonomy to grow as people and dancers. We want our dancers to WANT to be here! We want people to come to class to work hard and learn, and to feel good when they leave- Simple. Can you still get a quality dance education? YES! We still push technique and traditional dance values including discipline, respect and accountability! 

We want to work with your child’s (& YOUR) busy schedule- We do NOT penalize students for being involved in sports, etc. See our “make-up” policy and how your child can benefit from that.

See what we have to offer for all stages of life...

Toddler: The very start!!! We accept students age 2 and up!
Kindergarten: a foundation of the "dance class". Classes offered to this age group help these children in more ways than just learning to dance. This class sets the stage for discipline in the classroom, school sports, and life in general. It also helps in physical ability all throughout the life of the child along with improving cognitive function by adding instruction and exercise into their daily routine. Dance becomes an outlet for the rest of their lives if they choose. 
Elementary: Continued study of dance, commitment to coming to class every week, and creating relationships with fellow dancers provides a special outlet where they feel safe and at home. This creates new friends outside of their everyday school setting. At this age we start to push technique and the discovery of different types of dance.
Middle/High School: This is a stage that a dancer can improve immensely. This is when a dancer defines what they love in dance, why they dance, who they are in dance... We understand this is a very sensitive time for an individual in their lives and for many students the dance studio is a "safe haven". It is a chance to escape their school environment, home, their busy minds...We continue to help these students develop in dance but also as people, while we promote and model healthy values in our studio. The flexibility and muscle tone developed in class will help them succeed in every other physical activity they chose to participate in as well.
College: Whether you’re attending locally, online, or home for break- we have classes for you! It hasn't been long since we were college students ourselves and we can directly relate to the void of regular dance classes in post-high school life, and its no secret that college presents some less favorable body habits that could use a little reform! College students (or post-high school grads if you went right into the work force and skipped the university!) are perfect candidates for our "adult classes" which range in level from no experience to experienced in wide range of genres. This provides new opportunity for those who have never danced and are seeking exercise and a new hobby OR for those who did dance regularly growing up and are seeking continued training and discipline. 
Adult: Whether you used to dance as a child, want to explore dance as a hobby and learn, or just want to let lose and get some exercise- we can help. Classes offered in a multitude of genres and each class offers different options for each individual to take it as far as they want to go in regards to advancement.
Senior: All adult classes have the option to take them at a milder pace. We want to promote the continuation of creativity and exercise in a relaxed, low-impact approach so that people in the later stages of adulthood or those with compromised physical ability can enjoy the benefits of a dance/exercise class. 

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