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Levels: “Kindergarten age”, Ages 3-5
Description: This serves as our "Pre-Ballet/Pre-Jazz" Class. Once your child is in kindergarten we open up our doors to start exploring dance! They will learn what is expected in the dance studio along with “dance class” becoming a part of their life. Although the moves appear simple in this class, your child is observing and learning much more. Makes a world of difference in a child’s growth. The kids will begin with some stretching and a warm-up, then work across the floor with different movement. We will incorporate fun into these classes to keep the child’s interest.

Levels: Students, split into levels Jr., Int., & Sr.
Description: Formal technique taught in both Ballet and Jazz for this combo class. Some weeks you will do only one genre to focus on different skills. Depending on the class you will find a traditional Barre, floor stretch, variations in ballet and jazz, formal technique in both ballet and jazz, some contemporary ballet/jazz combinations, some modern attributes, fun combinations across the floor. This class will have it all!

Adv. Ballet/Pointe
Levels: All students with extensive training in ballet
Description: Advanced level ballet class for experienced dancers or those who want to increase their technique and ability.  For those on pointe, to explore the beautiful lines that pointe shoes allow us to find. We might step outside of traditional music and choreography once in a while to really expand. We will spend the first part of the class working on tech and strength specific to pointe work then move into some fun choreography. Pointe shoes required, can suffice as a pre-pointe class as well!

Jumps & Turns
Levels: Students, split into levels Jr. & Sr.
Description: Dancers will learn tricks in this class whether it is formal turns, leaps, and jumps or funky new stuff. We will start the class with a warm-up/stretch and “jump” right into the good stuff.

Levels: Students, above Kindergarten level
Description: This class is going to be a blast! Students will learn “tricks” attributed towards gymnastics moves. They will learn bendy moves, cartwheels, backbends, rolls, and more as they master the basics and expand their acrobatics! No serious tumbling.

Musical Theater
Levels: Students, split into levels Jr. & Sr.
Description: Have you ever wanted to dance like a Broadway star? This class introduces dance styles found in musical theater, mostly focusing on elements found in Jazz (pirouettes, kicks, turns). Junior levels will be beginner/intermediate level focused, incorporating the basics of Jazz while implementing the expression the Broadway song is focused on (facial expressions, body language, etc.). Pieces these dancers will see might include Grease, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Annie, etc. The senior level will be designed for more advanced dancers at a faster pace while implementing Broadway inspired choreography/body language. Pieces these dancers might expect include Fosse, Chicago, Legally Blonde, etc.

Pre Hip Hop
Levels: Kindergarten age
Description: This class is an intro to the hip hop dance style geared towards our younger students. Students will learn how to capture the beat of the song while dancing to the rhythm. “Rhythm and Beat” is a great game we play to allow the students to learn how to find their rhythm while having fun. This class will get your child moving and learning and most importantly having fun!

Hip Hop
Levels: Students, split into levels Jr., Int., & Sr.
Description: Katie’s famous hip-hop class that students all over the region love! The junior class is for students who are new to hip-hop or are moving up from Pre-Hip Hop class. This class is a great way to get your child active and expressing themselves. The intermediate class is great for dancers rising from beginner and who are up for a challenge. Students will find this class at a faster pace with more challenging combinations. The advanced class incorporates more intricate and fast paced choreography and music. This class is for experienced hip-hop dancers who are up to learning quickly and challenge themselves. As with all classes, a stretch and warm up will take place along with a workout followed by dancing.

Levels: Students with 3+ years dance
Description: Exploring movement at a more advanced level. This class will dive into different techniques and emphasize emotion as students can feel free and express themselves while using the technique they work hard at in other formal classes.

Intro to Lyrical
Levels: Students age 6 and up. 
Description: Exploring movement at the beginner level. This class will emphasize emotion as students can feel free and express themselves and be able to really MOVE their body. This is an expressive and free class. It will not focus heavily on teaching any technique rather than improvizing, choreography, and movement. It is suggested that all students seeking this class consider taking the Beginner Ballet class or perhaps a Jazz class in addition, but absolutely not required. 

Beg. Ballet
Levels: Students age 6 and up. 
Description: An introduction to Ballet- the foundation of all dance! It is important to have this foundation and absolutely crutial in a dancers abilities to do OTHER genres of dance proficiently as everything stems from Ballet- even Hip Hop! To take this class you do not need to be seeking a professional Ballerina career, you could just want to increase your abilities in another genre. A great starter class for the dancer, or a healthy addition to their current dance schedule. 

Stretch & Strength
Levels: All students above Kindergarten age
Description: An extensive stretch and warm up featuring various workouts to enhance dancer muscles. Also good for athletes! We want all of our dancers to achieve their splits as it improves aspects of all genres of dance- so that will be our first goal in this class for the stretching aspect and continue to improve our flexibility safely to each dancers physical ability.