We will be doing ONE end of year recital for ALL dancers.
We will be offering MANY opportunities for your dancer!
What is our end of year show going to be like?
We feel that parents spend plenty of money on a child’s extracurricular activities. We would rather you spend your money on your child’s education in dance (or whatever else) than on overpriced costumes that they wear ONCE. We think it is a waste of money, although it is fun and we love sparkly costumes- we can achieve the same glam, performance experience, and fun in other ways. Any child enrolled in any class will have the opportunity to perform in the end of year show sometime, TBD, around the end of the “school-year” time.
But wait, there’s more!
So we have our one big show, but are also offering our students MANY opportunities to perform and explore dance. Because we believe class is for class and don’t want to take up “class time” with continuous rehearsals, etc., we have created a way to fix that problem. We are offering our DANCE TEAM.
So why join?
If you want more performance opportunity than just the one end of year show- you will want to join. The extra stuff- performances, competitions, trips- are offered to these students, only. We will be announcing what our plans are for this year soon, and as the years go on we will add to our opportunities! In addition to performing, although we are not going to consider ourselves a “competition school” by any means, we plan to attend a competition/convention or two so students can get a taste of what that is like! If all goes well maybe we will add more in the years to come. We also wanted to share that we plan on having “master classes” and “workshops” with guest instructors of all different genres. These opportunities will grow as our studio does. Stay tuned!
Who gets to join TEAM?
Essentially any child, who wants to, can. All dancers who are above the “kindergarten” level can join. Team will meet twice per week. Dancers will be divided into dances/performances according to ability, but all involved with team will have performance opportunities.
Although we don’t hold auditions for our team, we still strongly value quality and only think it is fair that a student is fully prepared when we expose them to performing. We will work with these students more aggressively versus recreationally. A dancer should consider the following criteria while deciding if the dance team is a good fit for him/her:
  • Do I take dance seriously?
  • Do I want to work hard in class?
  • Do I enjoy performing?
If your child chooses to join TEAM, they will sign up for BOTH classes on the schedule, and attend both every week. These time slots will provide for technique classes, workshops, meetings, and rehearsals depending on what is needed at the time.