The art of mixing gymnastics skills with dance technique. As seen in most advanced dance choreography. This is a great program that enhances a dancers ability and range of choreography in other genres! We follow Acrobatic Arts syllabus with certified licensed instructors and gymnastics coaches on staff.


We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus:

-“Ready, Set, Tumble”: ages 3 1/2-4 1/2

-PRE ACRO: (levels pre & 1) ages 4 1/2-6

-ACRO 2-3: ages 7+

-ACRO 4-5: *must have backbend recover/handstand to bridge/bridge kickover

-OPEN ACRO: all levels, age 7+

-LIMBERING: level 4+

-AERIALS: level 4+


Tight fitting clothing that allows movement, most wear leotard with shorts. Shirts should not fall over head when upside down. Hair secured. Barefoot. Waterbottle with water only.