Current Class Offerings:

Adult “Team”: We offer an Adult Team that focuses on Jazz and Hip Hop with fun choreography for all ages 18+. This group is currently invitation only by instructor, for those that have some dance experience or have taken our adult classes learning footwork and choreography required to keep up with this faster paced class. Performances locally optional!


Adult Tap: Offered in two sections, BEGINNER or INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED. Tap is a great stress reliever and so satisfying when learning new steps and combinations! It also proves to be a great workout!

Adult Jazz/Hip Hop: Previous dancers or NEW, beginner friendly! A mix of jazz and hip hop choreography and fundamentals. This class will have you MOVING!

Barre Above® : a totally unique approach to barre workouts as you’ve seen them. Fusing the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do! This class delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into amazing shape!

Pilates/Strength: focuses on improving the strength of the entire body, with a focus on the core, using Pilates and traditional strength training movements.

We also offer Zumba!!! Currently Mondays and Wednesdays with Jess at 7:15!

Adult Class Pricing:

Pricing is per SEMESTER, ~12 weeks of classes


1 Class/Wk $100 ($8/class)

2 Class/Wk $150 ($6.25/class)

Adult Dance/Fitness Classes:

1 Class/Wk $150 ($12.50/class)

2 Class/Wk $250 (~$10/class)

Adult Team:


Unlimited Adult Classes:

Combine any classes Zumba (2x/wk!), Tap, Jazz/HH, Adult Team (invite only), and fitness.

$375/semester (~$7/class)

Dress Code: 

Clothing: Tight fitting athletic wear, stretch. No street clothes. 

Hair: Up & out of face.

Shoe: Tap shoe required for tap, clean sneaker not worn outside for team or jazz shoe.