Classes at the Barre


12 Week Semesters:

Break from 12/10/22-1/1/23

Winter: 1/2/23-3/25/23

Spring: 3/27/23-6/17/23

Summer ’23: 4 week mini session TBA

Our 2022/23 Pricing (per 12 wk session):

  • 1 Class/Week: $190 (12 total classes)
  • 2 Classes/Week: $350 (24 total classes)
  • 3 Classes/Week: $450 (36 total classes)
  • Unlimited (4+ Classes/Week): $510 (48+ classes)
  • ***Adult pricing separate, view HERE

Level and Age Placement:

  • DancerGarten 1: Age 1 (with parent)
  • DancerGarten 2: Age 2 (with parent)
  • DancerGarten JR: Mix of ages 1 and 2 (with parent)
  • DancerGarten 3: Age 3
  • Tiny Tumblers Open Gym: Ages 1-4
  • Ready, Set, Dance: Ages 4-5
  • Pre: Ages 5-6
  • Level 1: Ages 7-9
  • Level 2: Ages 10-12
  • Level 3: Ages 10+, with experience/skill or instructor placement
  • Level 4: Ages 12+, advanced
  • Teen: Ages 11+, NOT advanced
  • Adult: Ages 18+, new or experienced
  • *All ACRO levels are based on skill- see our Acro Level Breakdown List.

My Child is…… What classes can they take?

Dancers are placed in their age level FIRST then after they begin class an instructor can move them up if their ability supersedes their age level!



The art of mixing gymnastics skills with dance technique. As seen in most advanced dance choreography. This is a great program that enhances a dancers ability and range of choreography in other genres! We follow Acrobatic Arts syllabus with certified licensed instructors and gymnastics coaches on staff.


The backbone of dance training. Ballet is a structured class that your dancer will see the most technique advancements in. Pointe work will begin for for ballet students who have been given the green light to purchase pointe shoes and start pointe work.


Emphasis on feeling the music that we dance to, musicality. Expressive.


Movement that stems from ballet technique, many different styles within the genre, a great class to also learn technique that will be applied across all genres. 


Inventive movements, expressive. Will use ballet/jazz technique.

Ready, Set, Dance!

Combo class of jazz, hip hop, ballet, and tap for preschool aged dancers!

Tiny Tumblers Open Gym

Come as you please ($10 drop in once registered for the session for $20 fee), parent accompanied use of our facility/equipment with fun dance along music to let your little one get some energy out and explore!


Our intro to dance! This is a fun class for new dancers in 3 different sections by ages 1, 2, and 3. 1 and 2 is with parent accompany, the 3’s will take the class on their own as they prepare for the rest of the classes we offer! We have a TON of fun in this class focusing on following directions, fundamentals of movement with gross and fine motor skills, and learning how a dance class operates.


Instrument of the feet! Our tap program is very new school and exploratory.

Musical Theater

Mostly jazz technique to the music of show tunes! Very expressive and fun.

Hip Hop

Fun, upbeat, fast moving class. High energy and a ton of fun. A great place for kids to let out creativity and MOVE. We also offer a “boys” hip hop class that is geared towards more masculine movement following inspiration from Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and other well-known pop culture males open to anyone.

Adult Dance

Previous dancers or NEW! Classes in multiple genres for beginners or experienced. Along with ZUMBA!

We also offer a “team” class that focuses on Jazz/Hip Hop with fun choreography for dancers with some experience either as children or through our adult classes with performances locally (optional). 

Competition Team

Our resident competitive dance team, RCDT.

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