Our intro to dance! We have a TON of fun in this class focusing on following directions, fundamentals of movement with gross and fine motor skills, and learning how a dance class operates. Dancers will learn very introductory basic movements associated with ballet and even be introduced to some light tumbling exercises that would lead into our acro program!

This class starts with a fun warmup/stretch, some across the floor work, follow along songs, free dance, dancing with props or ribbons, and the biggest hit is our super fun obstacle course that includes skills they are learning in class!

Current Class Offerings:

DancerGarten Jr: Ages 18 months-2 years old, with parent accompany. Can be anyone the child responds to routinely over 16 years old that is mobile.

DancerGarten: Ages 2 1/2-4, no parent accompany as they take this class on their own.

Dress Code: 

Clothing: Tight fitting athletic wear, stretch. No street clothes. Many enjoy dressing up in ballet clothes.

Hair: Up & out of face.

Shoe: Barefoot