Fun, upbeat, fast moving class. High energy and a ton of fun. A great place for kids to let out creativity and MOVE. We also offer a “boys” hip hop class that is geared towards more masculine movement following inspiration from Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and other well-known pop culture males open to anyone.

Current Class Offerings:

Pre Hip Hop: Ages 4 1/2- 6

Hip Hop 1: Ages 7+.

Hip Hop 1-2: Ages 8+.

Hip Hop 3: Ages 10+

Hip Hop 3-4: Ages 10+

Hip Hop 4: Ages 11+, advanced with experience.

Dress Code: 

Clothing: Tight fitting athletic wear, stretch. No street clothes. 

Hair: Up & out of face.

Shoe: Clean sneaker not worn on street, or jazz sneaker sold at studio.