Hannah PerryHannah Perry
23:58 08 Aug 22
Absolutely amazing. I haven’t even been here for a whole year yet and I have made some of the best friends in the entire world. It’s such an amazing environment to be in. The instructors are super nice and they are really fun. Not to mention, whenever I have an idea, I am never afraid to share it with my instructor, Katie. She is the most amazing person in the world. She is so encouraging and she is so talented and I just love learning new dances from her. Katie is very energetic and she always wants her students to do their best. I have grown so much from being here at the Body Barre. My dancing has improved a lot since I started and I have more confidence in myself just by being around certain people here. I’m so glad that I decided to take classes here, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be more passionate about dance then I already was, and I wouldn’t have the most amazing friends in the world. I think the best thing about taking classes at the Body Barre has to be the people that you meet. I had no idea how much I had in common with so many people here and it really gave me an environment to just be who I am and express myself. I really found my group of people who make me feel like I belong and make me happy. I can’t thank the Body Barre enough for giving me the friendships that I have created and the confidence that I have gained in myself.
Melissa CooperMelissa Cooper
14:19 05 Jul 22
I joined the Body Barre almost two years now and I absolutely love it. Plenty of variety in classes for youth and adult, friendly staff, great studio space and a very welcoming environment for dancers of all years and experiences! Would definitely recommend to anyone
Sara NelsonSara Nelson
20:39 11 Jun 22
When my younger daughter wanted to dance, I knew we needed to find a studio that was different from the rest. She started 4 years ago and it’s been the perfect fit for her. The value they put on having a passion for dance has meant her wanting to go back each week. The instructors are encouraging and create a very positive environment. We love The Body Barre!!!!
Patricia McKinneyPatricia McKinney
13:04 10 Jun 22
What a great place to learn to dance! My grand daughter has been dancing there for years. They make sure she’s learning technically on how properly to do ballet, but also has fun doing it! Thank you Body Barre for your experience and techniques on teaching! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for dance!
Kelli Chandler MurphyKelli Chandler Murphy
19:38 09 Jun 22
Body Barre is a fantastic place for dance! Accepting dancers of all ages and abilities, the instructors work hard to make every dancer comfortable and create awesome places to learn! They want dancers to try classes to find what they love, they are understanding of conflicts, have a great class makeup policy, and they put on fabulous recitals. We’ve been with them since they opened, and they keep getting better. My child loves Body Barre so much they’re asking to add two classes next semester - making four in total! You have to love a place to even consider spending they much time there. (We’ll see, kiddo!) Body Barre gets an A+ from us!
Cynthia WhitcombCynthia Whitcomb
16:57 09 Jun 22
The body bar is a very inviting dance company. My granddaughter is very happy there and is going to be taking Intermediate Tap this summer. The instructors are very professional and offer classes on all levels. We are very happy there.
Michelle Mann-SaumierMichelle Mann-Saumier
16:56 09 Jun 22
In 2021 we enrolled our then 3 year old into the dancergarten program and it has been one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. Annie makes such an exceptional effort at encouraging the dancers and knows each of them personally which is extremely important to my family and I. Katie is equally as pleasant and fosters an environment of fun and family. It is clear that they hold their support staff and other instructors to the same standards, and my daughter is constantly gushing about the leaders. Would recommend their programming to anyone who is interested!!
Stephanie WeaverStephanie Weaver
16:53 09 Jun 22
Love love this studio! I took a few years off of dance, when I loved from the Latham area. I feel like I am at home again. The adult team is amazing! So happy that I found them!!
Lauren VenturaLauren Ventura
16:52 09 Jun 22
Body Barre is the best! They offer a wide variety of dance classes and the most positive experience. All the staff are experts in their craft and it’s a wonderful family atmosphere!
16:52 09 Jun 22
Excellent dance program for my daughter. She has so much fun! The instructors are very nice.
matina schulzematina schulze
18:59 15 Feb 21
My youngest does dance garden and is obsessed! Never wants to leave and asks to go everyday! With all the craziness of covid and everything they have done so well with communicating things to parents! I never have questions if they are open and I am so comfortable with all they are doing to keep our kiddos safe! Highly recommend!!!
Great dance studio for kids to enjoy the love of dancing!
Jess PerryJess Perry
02:43 12 Feb 21
Such a wonderful studio! The instructors are great role models for the dancers. They are talented, knowledgeable, kind, and just overall wonderful people. They love what they do and it shows!!
Ryan PorterRyan Porter
23:14 11 Feb 21
My daughter has been dancing with Annie (co-owner) since she was three; I could not imagine a more perfect and patient person to teach her and other children. All of the instructors are amazing! We will never go to another studio
zachary vannierzachary vannier
00:05 10 Nov 20
My daughter goes here and she loves it! The women here are amazing at what they do and are always a pleasure to be around!!!

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What’s so special about The Body Barre?

  • Over 8,000 SF of Studio space with 4 studio rooms including sprung floors and ample space to move
  • Our faculty is STACKED with 16 incredibly talented, experienced, and dedicated instructors
  • The owners of the studio strive to keep things as practical as possible for the parents/dancers and believe in pushing for greatness in the studio without forgetting there is life outside of it
  • Assistant/student teachers to have many eyes on dancers
  • All classes are a minimum of 1 hour long or more to provide time for a proper warm up/stretch that is essential for every class/genre
  • Can’t decide on dance or gymnastics? Our Acro program is the largest and best in area with highly qualified/licensed instructors
  • We offer opportunities for dancers just looking for fun after school with friends AND dancers looking for a regimented class and seeking improvement
  • Wide range of classes/levels/genres- something for everyone!
  • Code of Conduct to require a positive environment for all students to thrive
  • Great location!

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